MD Pony Meet Rules & Regulations


The Maryland Pony Meet staff goes to great lengths to see that every precaution is taken to ensure the safest and most comfortable environment possible.

Selling, Buying, & Trading: Every transaction is expected to be fulfilled as fairly and peaceably as possible on the parts of both sellers and buyers. Sellers set their own prices and reserve the right to accept or decline an offer. Stealing or scamming is absolutely prohibited. Sellers are very strongly encouraged to have all items for sale marked with price tags prior to the start of the event, as unpriced items will likely leave sellers with fewer sales, longer transaction times, and disappointed customers.

Congeniality: All attendees are expected to treat each other with courtesy and respect. The MDPM is a LGBTQ+ safe space.

Show & Tell: If you have items you would prefer others only look at and not touch, please either label those items with a sign, or bring something such as a case to display them in.

Children: The MD Pony Meet is an event for collectors ages 18 and up only.

Pets: Pets are not allowed inside the venue unless they are fully-trained medical service animals.

Drugs or Alcohol: There is a zero tolerance policy for drugs or alcohol at the MD Pony Meets.

Smoking or Vaping: is outside in the parking lot only, away from other collectors and merchandise. Please dispose of smoking products responsibly.

Photos and Videos: Attendees are welcome (and strongly encouraged!) to take photos and videos for their own personal use and to share them. Photos and videos of the event are not to be used for for-profit public professional media endeavors. The MDPM may use photos and videos of the event and those attending the event for its website galleries and promotional materials.

Privacy: The MDPM is a private event intended exclusively for a tightly-knit and long-established community of collectors of My Little Pony. For the safety and comfort of all attendees, this event will never be open to the general public, nor promoted in public media.

Legal: The MDPM Committee reserves the right to deny any applicant at any time, for any reason. Rules and Regulations are also subject to change as the need becomes apparent. The MDPM is in no way related to or endorsed by Hasbro, Inc. and operates as a private volunteer-based not-for-profit annual event. The MDPM Committee will take whatever steps deemed appropriate to protect the integrity of the event and ensure the safety and privacy. The phrases “Maryland Pony Meet,” “MD Pony Meet,” and “MDPM” are all terms used interchangeably to refer to the same event. All individuals attend the MDPM at their own risk. By purchasing an attendance ticket, attendees agree to all terms listed herein.

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