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What is a Pony Meet?

Pony Meets are gatherings of My Little Pony collectors, often involving the buying, selling, trading, and sharing of My Little Ponies and related items. They are similar to conventions, only smaller and not usually for more than one day, though some stretch over a weekend. Pony Meets first began in the early 1990’s and are held worldwide. Each Pony Meet is generally independent of one other.

Collectors usually bring ponies to sell or trade, ones to share or show off to others, and there can be events like contests, games, raffles, live tutorials, and other activities. Sometimes the attendees bring food in a potluck style, the meet host provides the food, or the meet attendees bring their own. Pony meets are a great way to interact with other collectors, make friends, and find elusive ponies.

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What makes the MD Pony Meet unique?

Pony Meets are all unique in that they are held in different cities, different states, different countries, and run by different people. The location, time of year, and people who attend them differ from one another considerably. One of the most unique features of the MD Pony Meet is that it is the largest and longest run Pony Meet in the world.

Another defining characteristic of the MD Pony Meets are the custom-built games and activities the meet-goers are able to enjoy. All games are pony-themed, such as Pony Plinko (with a real Plinko board!), Unicorn Ring Toss, and the long-famed MD Pony Meet Scooter Race (on a real pony-sized scooter track!). Games are added and changed every year for never-ending pony-themed fun!

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