​Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the MD Pony Meet held?

The MD Pony Meet is held at a private venue in a beautiful suburban area north of Baltimore in the 21204 zip code.

Who hosts the MD Pony Meet?

The MD Pony Meet is hosted by MustBeJewel, a My Little Pony community veteran of more than 20 years, with help from the MDPM Committee. 

I want to go! Where do I sign up?

If you are a new attendee, please head to the Registration page.

Why is attendance limited?

Our attendance is limited due to our contracted venue and the number of people we can comfortably accommodate. While the MDPM maintains the record for the largest and longest-running pony meet in the world, we do not have plans to become a full-fledged convention of thousands. If we were to move to a larger venue at this time, our costs would skyrocket, and those costs would directly impact our entrance fees. Instead, we have chosen to stay with our current venue and continue to make the MDPM an easily affordable event for attendees to enjoy.

How much does it cost to attend?

Because the MDPM is a non-profit entity, we only take in through entry fees what is needed to cover our costs. You can expect entrance fees to be approximately $20 per person, or $40 per vendor, with final numbers to be determined prior to the event.

What kinds of things are there to do near the meet location? And where should I stay?

The Hotels and Travel and Local Attractions pages here on the MD Meet website should have all the information you need. For any further questions or recommendations, please contact us.

How did the MDPM get started? What were previous years like?

Check out our History page for galleries and memories of all the meets past, including how it all began!

What kinds of activities does the meet offer?

In short: Many! Check out the Activities page to see what’s on the roster for this year’s meet. And remember, there are ALWAYS surprises!

What will the schedule look like?

The meet generally opens to vendors around 8am, attendees at 9am, and closes down at 5pm. Vendors will be notified as far in advance as possible if setup the night before will be an option. The official schedule will be sent via email newsletter one month before the meet date, and all times and events will be confirmed at that time.

Are there any kinds of rules that attendees are expected to follow?

The MDPM rules and guidelines have been written out here in detail: Rules & Regulations.

What do past attendees have to say about the meet?

The Reviews page here on the MD Meet website has plenty of reviews written by people who have attended one or more MD Pony Meets.

I have a disability or need special arrangements; Can I still attend?

Absolutely! If you have any concerns or need any special accommodations, please contact us ahead of time. Please note that the venue is fully ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible, and a quiet lounge is on site for anyone who may need to take a little break throughout the day. Please note that attendees are individually responsible for any medical needs, including allergies to food.

Can I bring my pet?

Per our venue contract, only fully-trained medical service animals are permitted on the premises.

Is the Maryland Pony Meet a family-friendly event?

While attendees are welcome to bring along spouses / significant others / friends and helpers, attendees have voted for the meet to be a child-free event. We ask that all attendees are 18 years of age or older.

How can I support the MDPM?

The MD Meet operates as a non-profit event, and openly welcomes donations and contributions. Find out more on the Support page.

I am a brony; Is the MD Pony Meet something I would enjoy?

While the MD Pony Meets include all generations of My Little Pony, there is not the strong focus on G4 / Friendship is Magic that one might find at brony meetups and conventions. The majority of attendees focus on vintage collectibles.

Ok, I’m all ready to go! But what should I bring with me?

The key to the best pony meet experience is having everything you need on the day of the meet! Below is a guide attendees may find helpful:

Example Packing List

☐ A name tag or lanyard to identify yourself to others (also available at the meet)
☐ Food/drink potluck contribution
☐ A prize contribution for the prize table (if you choose to do so!)
☐ Your custom contest entr(ies)
☐ Your collection wish lists / checklist(s)
☐ Cash for buying items*

For Vendors:

☐ MLP items to sell or trade
☐ Price tags for all of your sale items (priced bins work too!)
☐ Non-MLP items for trade/sale/etc: These are allowed, but please keep them to a minimum (< 25%)
☐ MLP items to show off or share
☐ MLP-related artwork, customs, and other crafts
☐ Labels for things that are yours (bags, boxes, etc) to avoid mix-ups and lost items
☐ A sign to identify your table as yours (also available at the meet)
☐ Any tools that may help you as a seller: pen, paper, tape, scissors, calculator, bags, bubble wrap, etc.

*Some sellers may accept Paypal, Square, Venmo, Zelle, or even personal checks, but please note that not all do. There is no ATM on the premises. Plan accordingly.

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