MD Pony Meet Reviews

The meet was awesome: professional, organized, fun, and full of ponies! We consider ourselves shy people, so we were afraid we would feel uncomfortable, but we didn’t at all. We were welcomed and everyone was friendly, and at the same time we were never put on the spot or pressured to participate in anything. Everyone was kind to each other, and we felt like we were among friends. It was a neat experience, and I’d recommend it to even the shy folks!


I have many fond memories of my time at the MD MLP Meet.It is the first pony meet I’ve ever attended and the first time I was able to meet other collectors in person. For that alone, the MD MLP Meet will always have such a warm spot in my heart. But the MD Meet is more than just nostalgic fancies. It’s a place that I’ve been able to create and build years-long friendships. I come knowing the atmosphere is welcoming and always entertaining. Shenanigans and crazy misadventures had. Good food, good folks, good times.


So glad I was able to attend the meet. It is a great venue with great people. The games planned were fun and the setting with the outdoor tent was very nice. Thanks to Jewel and everyone else who made this meet a reality!


I have been attending Jewel’s pony meets since 2003. I can’t tell you how excited I was to meet *in Person* other MLP collectors like myself! Every meet has been wonderful. It’s a day full of ponies, talking, eating and playing games. I highly recommend attending to anyone who collects ponies, it will be well worth it!


Hello everyone! My first meet was in 2005 and I’ve been coming back every year since then. Jewel throws a fantastic pony meet with lots to do and plenty of ponies to buy and trade. I can’t wait to go this year!


We attended the MD meet last year, and had a most wonderful time! Everyone was friendly, the events planned kept things moving along and *fun*, the atmosphere was relaxed, and there was so much Pony Joy. And at the time, I wasn’t even a collector–just along for the ride with my kid, who is! But this year I’ll be there with ponies of my own to show off.


I started attending Jewel’s Pony Meets between 2003-2004. I was literally amazed at all the friendly people I’ve meet over the years attending. There has always been so much fun wrapped into one day that it could span as much as a convention if it wanted to. Good food, fun games, and laughter are always found in the Meets. From custom contests to scooter races and even the infamous pinata bashing there’s always fun to be experienced. Finally there is trading and buying of ponies which brings everyone together as one big family. I’m so happy to have experienced this event and hopefully even in my move, look forward to attending once again in the future.


I look forward to the Maryland pony meet every year. It’s almost like a family reunion– just with ponies. There are great games, wonderful food, lots of activities, amazing ponies every year, and best of all spectacular friends! Every year has a new theme with merchandise to go along with it. The raffle at the end of the meet is definitely a highlight. It’s honestly one of the best days of the year since I get to see my chosen family and add new ponies to my herd.


I love the MD meets that Jewel holds each year. She is the most wonderful host! It’s a wonderful time full of wonderful people, MLP’s & great food. It’s a very friendly atmosphere & we all have lots & lots of fun! This has got to be one of the best pony meets around, hands down!


The 09′ meet was my very first meet! I had such a great time!!!! Everyone was so friendly, and there were tons of ponies and other items for sale. All the activities were so much fun. The food was delicious, and I was happy to contribute some cupcakes too. I will definitely be going again next year.


I have been attending the MD meet since 2003! *wow* and It has done nothing but get better and bigger each year. Folks come from all over the country! I have made tons of money selling stuff and spent tons finding those elusive ponies! Rares and Commons alike can be found. There is something truly special about getting to meet other collectors in person and that makes it such a great experience! I am not as big of a collector as I once was…but I will always attend the MD meets to see new friends and fall in love with the plastic all over again!


Another wonderful pony meet! I started coming to Jewel’s Pony Meet with my daughter in 2008. This year, Anita couldn’t come, so I brought my husband Jerry and we both had a ball. The big tent, the great new games, and of course all the wonderful pony people make Jewel’s party the best!


2009 was my first MD Pony Meet and it was a lot of fun. What is better than spending a pony filled day with like minded people? We had games, food, and PONIES! Jewel runs a fantastic meet and I plan to be there next year!


This meet was SO much fun. I really enjoyed the hospitality, the people, the events, and of course, the ponies! I am so excited for the next one!


It’s such a joy to spend a day with other toy collectors. The sense of acceptance and belonging is my favorite thing about the Maryland Pony Meet. That and the scooter race! It’s more than just colorful miniature ponies. It’s laughter and geekiness and it’s one of the highlights of my year.


I have enjoyed attending the MDPM the past couple years. There are always fun games, pony shopping, good food and best of all a chance to hang out with pony people! It’s an event I truly look forward to and appreciate everyone who comes together to make it happen!


2023 was my first MDPM, and I had a blast! I got to see pony friends I hadn’t seen in years, plus the games were super fun and the shopping was amazing. I’m already looking forward to next years’ event!


First time event for me, and I had an amazing time, even my mom had a good time! It was amazing meeting new people and making new friends!


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