MD Pony Meet’s Mascots

Meet the official mascots of the Maryland Pony Meet: Chesapeake and Skipjack!

MDPM mascots

Back in 2003, as interest and support was quickly growing for the MD Pony Meet, attendees began to ask for a mascot to represent our yearly gatherings.

Over the years, Chesapeake (or “Chessy” as coined by meet-goers) took on the form of many different types of ponies to coordinate with that particular year’s theme. She has been drawn as a Flutter pony, Merry-Go-Round pony, Big Brother pony, and many other My Little Pony inspired forms.

Each year, a large poster was created with that image of Chessy, which attendees would then sign and drawn on as a memento for that year’s meet. Over time, the meet grew exponentially, and the posters were phased out as many exciting new games and activities quickly filled up the meet day.

Chessy has been represented on many pieces of MDPM merchandise, including our limited edition enamel pins.

MDPM pin

In 2017, it was clear that Chessy had become a bit lonely after representing the meet all by herself for more than a decade. She published an ad for an assistant to keep her company and help run the yearly MD Pony Meet, and the next day, a little boat called Unsinkable II pulled into the Baltimore harbor, and off of it jumped a little blue pony with a wild look in his eye, wearing a captain’s hat.

While she had hoped for an executive assistant with immaculate organizational skills and extensive event hosting experience, in the end, Chessy got Skipjack: the sailing-obsessed, completely irresponsible yet extremely enthusiastic officially-ordained Element of Chaos.

MDPM Chessy
Skipjack bio
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